Victoria Gate

Lovingly built homes beside a historic park


Victoria Gate - Lovingly built homes beside a historic park

Built to exacting standards on the outer verges of Bristol’s beloved Victoria Park, Victoria Gate comprises of six beautiful contemporary homes, four of which reside within a converted church.

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To sell the benefits of its exciting new properties, Griffon Homes tasked Tidy Studio with producing an inviting, modern brand for Victoria Park.

The vision

The development’s privileged location beside Victoria Park was a key selling point to be conveyed within Victoria Gate’s branding.

Our team took influence from Victoria Park’s tranquil green spaces to envision a brand that pairs cool urban modernity with the timeless tradition of parkside living.

The outcome

From billboards to brochures, Victoria Park’s branding has been rolled out across a variety of marketing mediums, helping Griffon Homes to attract suitable investors for its new properties.

What we did

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Photo showing Victoria Gate branded site hoardings
Victoria Gate logo animation build
Victoria Gate brochure inside spread