Studio Sketchbook: CO-OP Community Kitchen Concept

November 7, 2019 | Written by

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We have been long -term admirers of the CO-OP brand; having being inspired by the brand’s evolution. In particular, the bold move in 2016 to reintroduce an updated version of its ‘clover’ style 1968 logo.

When we were approached by existing client; Peter’s Foods, to help put together a creative pitch for the CO-OP team; we were to say it mildly, overjoyed! Working with the NPD team at Peter’s, we were tasked with creating a range of ‘food-to-go’ innovative packaging ideas to present.
One of the key areas we focused on during this creative process was the ‘brand’ and how to clearly communicate the ‘brand promise’ on each pack. We developed a creative concept that communicated a CO-OP ‘Community Kitchen’ with the strap-line ‘Eat good, do good’.

We envisioned this concept could reach far beyond just retail outlets, potentially helping to bring together the community ,with the aim of promoting healthy eating and fairness. Additionally, promoting the brands membership scheme was integral to the work.

The toolkit we created to carry across the brand messaging, reflected the bold, simple nature of the CO-OP brand.

Working with a brand that has real purpose, made this project a pleasure. As creatives, we always strive to produce the best work and if the work helps to ‘do some good ‘also, then surely it’s a win-win situation.

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