Weaving Shed

Modern British food in a historic setting


Weaving Shed - Modern British food in a historic setting

The canal town of Bradford on Avon is steeped in English history, with ancient architecture telling tales of civilisations past. One such building is The Weaving Shed: an old mill-turned-restaurant serving British food with a modern twist.

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Having earned their culinary stripes while working in top kitchens and dining rooms throughout the South West, husband and wife team Richard and Natasha Synan realised their dreams by opening their own restaurant at The Weaving Shed. They asked Tidy Studio to create a timeless brand for their new venture, celebrating the contemporary style of their food while paying tribute to the historic setting of their restaurant.

The vision

The Weaving Shed’s industrial past would be integral to the story of its brand; manufacturing materials such as copper, wood and cast iron give tactile insight into the working history of the building, giving Natasha and her front-of-house team an inspiring environment to work in.

We also needed to represent head chef Richard’s refined cooking style within the brand identity, using elements of contemporary design as an homage to his mastery of modern cooking techniques.

The outcome

From eye-catching signage to refined menu designs, The Weaving Shed received a comprehensive brand identity that honoured the industrial past of its building and celebrated its future under the leadership of two of the South West’s most promising food entrepreneurs.

What we did

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Weaving Shed window graphics
Closeup of Weaving Shed sign
Closeup of printed menu
Closeup of Weaving Shed logo foil blocked on menu
Weaving Shed restaurant view from across the video
Weaving Shed chef preparing food in the kitchen
Cocktails in copper mugs