Woodlands Equity

An ethical investment company focused on growth


Woodlands Equity - An ethical investment company focused on growth

In the oft-uninspired world of private investment, Woodlands Equity sought to create a conversation-starting brand that would differentiate it from the competition.

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The socially responsible investment firm called on Tidy Studio to think beyond the cliches of corporate business and create a brand that accurately reflected its organic approach to investment

The vision

Upon visiting Woodlands Equity’s offices, we became inspired by one of the founder’s daily habits: creating geometric paper sculptures to help him visualise the multifaceted decision-making behind every successful investment.

We enlisted the talent of American paper artist Matt Schlian, commissioning a bespoke series of sculptures to represent Woodlands Equity’s organic, growth-oriented approach to business.

The outcome

Alongside a refined professional colour palette and growth-inspired company logo, our professionally photographed sculptures helped Woodlands Equity to successfully convey its values and attract a diverse portfolio of new clients.

What we did

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Photograph of Woodlands Equity brochure with foil block detailing
Woodlands Equity logo
Woodlands Equity logo type
Woodlands Equity brochure inside page
Woodlands Equity website screen 1
Woodlands Equity paper sculpture
Woodlands Equity paper sculpture in hand
Woodlands Equity paper sculpture triangles
Woodlands Equity paper sculpture rounds
Woodlands Equity website screen 2
Woodlands Equity foil block