Studio Sketchbook: Alternative brand concept for city centre apartments in heart of Bristol

January 30, 2019 | Written by

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Developing exciting branding for new property developments allows us to have fun with creative concepts. No two property developments are the same and therefore the branding is tasked with communicating very different things.

Situated in Stokes Croft in the centre of Bristol, home to independent businesses, vibrant street art and an exciting music scene – Wilder House needed a bold identity to stand out.

This vibrant concept was developed to reflect the diverse and creative spirit of the area. The bold typography would be generated from custom woodblock lettering giving the development a unique market position whilst keeping close links to the area. The bright colours would communicate effectively into stand out marketing messages. Creating in turn an iconic and recognisable brand identity that would fit seamlessly into the local area.

The client eventually favoured a more contemporary and minimal urban branding reflecting the stylish aesthetics of the development. You can see the final brand we created here.

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