Top tips to ensure your brand name is timeless and effective

January 23, 2019 | Written by

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You have an idea for a great name for your business – but can you use it?

Although it may seem obvious, one of the most important first steps when deciding on and developing a brand name for your business, is checking that it’s available! Is the name already being used? Ignoring this and not doing a thorough check could land you in trouble later on, particularly if you have already spent time and money developing branding and then discover it is trademarked.

A simple first step to check your brand name is to search Google. This will flag up any possible conflicting brands and associated businesses.

But ultimately a legal trademark and copyright search should be undertaken to ensure there is no conflict. This is a good place to start.

Be bold, concise and keep things simple.

Try not to over complicate things. The availability of a brand name may impact your decision initially, but if possible, go for a one word, memorable and distinctive name which are most impactful. Think of some of the best known and most recognisable brand names around today; the ones that last the test of time use one-word names – Google, Apple, Netflix for example.

A short and concise brand name can more effectively transfer to a domain name for your website and onto packaging and promotional material.

Is the name easy to pronounce? People are more likely to avoid talking about a brand if they are unsure how to pronounce it correctly. Is it memorable and easy to spell? Does it sound appealing and satisfactory when spoken? A unique or unexpected quality can make it more impactful in a crowded or competitive market.

All of these factors can impact the likeability of your brand name and in turn the success of your business.

Think about what you need from the brand logo.

Your chosen brand name needs to be translated into an effective logo design that communicates the brand identity of your business. There may be a key message or quality that you want the brand logo to communicate. Consider whether the logo would be best utilised in textual or iconic form. A bespoke typeface can give your brand name a unique and fresh appeal and identity.

Consider how and where will it need to be used; for example, on labels, packaging or in a larger format.

When utilised will it appear in colours or only black and white? You brand logo needs to be agile enough to translate across different media.

What about the future of the brand?

It is important that the future possibilities of the brand are considered. For example, although you may launch as a specific product or service; you may eventually want to diversify into other products and services. It is vital that a brand name does not hinder this and is adaptable enough to stand the test of time. For instance, don’t call your business ‘Just Coffee’, if you eventually want to expand this brand into vegan restaurants.

It is important that your brand name has timeless appeal. Consider how the name will be viewed in the future. Does it have any cultural or emotional qualities that may benefit or restrict the growth of the business? Do you have plans to grow the business into new markets or internationally? If so, how will your chosen brand name be received.

There is a lot to consider. What are the next steps?

Here at Tidy Studio we can work with you to ensure that you get the most from your brand name and ultimately that it is brilliantly effective for your business. Have a look at some of the brands we’ve helped name in our portfolio.

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