Natural beauty inspired by the Welsh coast


Dolmôr - Natural beauty inspired by the Welsh coast

Made in Wales using locally foraged seaweed and marine sediments, Dolmôr (Welsh for ‘sea meadow’) produces natural beauty products using the ocean’s most restorative ingredients.

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With hotel and spa partnerships on the horizon, Dolmôr approached Tidy Studio with a brief to create a luxury brand inspired by the sea.

The vision

From the pure sands of its beaches to mysterious hidden coves and abundant rockpools, Wales’ coastline provided the perfect canvas for our creative team to work with.

We set out to capture the marine environment in its widest sense: lapping waves, luscious seaweed, rugged cliffs and ocean sunsets would all feature in Dolmôr’s celebration of the Welsh coast.

The outcome

By entrusting Tidy Studio with every aspect of its branding, Dolmôr was rewarded with a distinct and confident identity for its marine-inspired spa products.

What we did

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Dolmor brochure cover
Dolmor inside brochure spread
Dolmor brochure inside
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Seaweed with graphics