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Adventures in craft beer


Ambient Brewing Co - Adventures in craft beer

We love a creative project at Tidy Studio. We also love craft beer.

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So when the opportunity arrived to brew, brand and package our very own line of carefully crafted ale, we couldn’t possibly turn it down.

The vision

With a friendly brewing expert in tow, we headed to a remote outpost in West Wales and set about brewing a beer inspired by our beautiful rural surroundings.

Far from the hustle of our urban studio, the brewery’s tranquil location gave us space to reflect on nature and become inspired by the Welsh wilderness. ‘Ambient’ was a word that neatly encapsulated the experience, describing both the peaceful environment and the organic, pure approach we took to crafting our beer.

The outcome

The Ambient concept informed every element of our product, from bottle design and packaging to the beer itself. Our friends and clients could hardly believe the quality and taste of our first batch – presented in sturdy wooden boxes and individually stamped with the Ambient logo, our signature beer was the perfect Christmas present. Just one of the perks of working with Tidy Studio!

What we did

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Ambient bottle range packaging design photo
Closeup photograph of dried hops in hands
Closeup of Ambient logo design
Photograph showing ambient design concepts pinned up on studio wall
Ambient bottles fully packaged and wrapped in tissue paper
Ambient stamp