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FUNKi - Gut loving soda

How do you make gut-friendly drinks tasty, convenient and fun? That’s the question Paul McCreery set out to answer by founding FUNKi: the soft drink brand seeking to fill the nation’s fibre gap.

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Paul had already developed a delicious recipe that packs more than half an adult’s daily recommended fibre into a standard-sized soda can. Now he needed a brand that set FUNKi apart as the go-to option for a drink that’s both nutritious and delicious.

The vision

The functional drinks market has boomed in recent years, with more options than ever for health-boosting beverages. Rather than copying the styles of other brands, FUNKi wanted to carve out its own niche – putting the fun in functional while showcasing the vibrant and joyful flavours packed into every can.

Inspired by the playful world of pop art, we envisioned a brand that boldly proclaims its love of  fun and flavour through punchy illustrations of FUNKi’s naturally derived ingredients. It was also essential for FUNKi to clearly communicate its key selling points: a low sugar, high fibre option that supports your immune system, and that’s just as fizzy and flavourful as your favourite sugary soft drinks.

The outcome

Fruity flavour takes centre-stage on FUNKi’s colourful cans. Daring hits of magenta, orange and green are designed to turn heads while sitting pretty on supermarket shelves.

There’s nothing shy about the claims these drinks make, either. With 16g of fibre packed into each can (more than half of an adult’s daily recommended intake), FUNKi’s maximalist brand proudly professes its gut-boosting credentials without compromising on the fun factor.

What we did

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Funki Can range
Funki Lemon & Ginger
Funki Apple Guarana
Funki Raspberry Mint
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