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Baristas Buddy - Joyful coffee

With countless products available online for brewing coffee at home, Baristas Buddy needed a standout brand to help its colourful French presses and pour over kettles stand out on Amazon.

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The business tasked us with producing an attractive identity to appeal to its target audience of coffee aficionados, including packaging and product videos that demonstrate the joyful everyday moments associated with making fresh coffee at home.

The vision

In such a fast-paced world, finding the time to prepare and drink a decent cup of coffee can be a joyful, life-affirming ritual. Focusing Baristas Buddy’s brand around the concept of “joyful coffee”, we aimed to embody the positive feelings and emotions its customers associate with their daily coffee breaks.

A cheerful colour palette and expressive, abstract graphics would help the brand to communicate this concept. We commissioned award-winning artist Emma Connolly to create a series of evocative screenprints for the packaging, then worked closely with independent litho printing specialist Opal, experimenting with layers of fluorescent ink in order to achieve a bold, bright finish that could be reproduced in the manufacturing process overseas.

The outcome

Baristas Buddy’s joyful brand was a result of openminded experimentation and artistic expression with creative professionals who care as deeply about the quality of their work as we do.

The outcome is a brand and packaging combination that surpasses the majority of competitors found on Amazon; one that buzzes with brightness, vitality and life, epitomising the small moments of caffeinated happiness its customers will regularly enjoy.

What we did

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Fluorescent inks used for screen printing
Baristas Buddy logo on vibrant screen print
Print testing with Opal Print
Multiple boxes
Closeup of Emma screen printing in her studio
Closeup detail of packaging showing bold Joyful Coffee illustration
Closeup detail of packaging showing bold french press illustration
Shot of Poor over kettle box in hands