Reward your inner-self


PiQi - Reward your inner-self

A relatively new product to the UK market, water kefir is a bubbly, fruit-infused fermented drink that’s low in sugar and filled with probiotics.

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Keen to capitalise on the growing trend for healthy, gut-friendly fermented beverages, PiQi were seeking a fresh and original brand for their range of nutritional water kefir drinks.

The vision

Having already defined its customer persona – social media-savvy and environmentally-conscious women seeking an effortlessly healthy lifestyle – PiQi was ready to embrace a brand inspired by nature, nutrition and youthful energy.

The brand’s vegan credentials would be a key selling point, alongside its raw unpasteurised manufacturing process and microbiome-boosting benefits. Each of PiQi’s flavours would also need its own clear and appealing identity, using the product’s packaging to entice potential customers.

The outcome

The brand we created for PiQi is vibrant, edgy and uplifting. Embodying values of health, happiness and harmony, the imagery and colours seen throughout PiQi’s branding evoke an organic feel, closely aligned with the product’s natural and nourishing ingredients.

Abstract illustrations and icons inspired by world cultures and exotic plants give each flavour an identity of its own. Simultaneously, the brand is united through its logo, typography and colour palette, keeping PiQi’s identity consistent and memorable wherever it’s seen.

What we did

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