Alpaca My Boots

An experience to remember


Alpaca My Boots - An experience to remember

Set amongst the rolling hills and green valleys of Brecon Beacons National Park, Blaenrheon Farm is home to one of the most fun and unique businesses we’ve had the pleasure of working with.

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This traditional working hill farm spotted an opportunity to show visitors their stunning surroundings via the medium of alpaca trekking. Alpaca My Boots was born as a result. With impressive early growth, the family business needed a vibrant brand to match the memorable adventures it provides.

The vision

By experiencing one of Alpaca My Boots’ treks ourselves, we quickly understood the universal appeal of strolling through the countryside in the company of affable alpacas. The brand needed to encapsulate this welcoming, all-ages adventure, honouring both the Welsh landscape and the playful personalities of Blaenrheon’s fluffiest residents.

Eye-catching photography would be key to conveying this unique experience, both on social media and the business’ website. A colour palette centred around pastoral shades of green would accentuate these images, alongside playful illustrations and animations to showcase characters within the herd.

The outcome

As well as building a premium outdoor brand identity that’s worthy of the adventures Alpaca My Boots provides, we’ve helped this family business to improve its operations, grasp new opportunities and maximise its appeal across all touchpoints.

Building an automated booking system into the new website has helped Alpaca My Boots to streamline its operations and allow for simple, efficient purchases. We also kitted out the farm with new signage, resulting in a cohesive identity for every stage of the visitor experience. Elsewhere, a new range of merchandise and souvenirs made from sustainable materials (including alpaca wool) gives the business an extra source of revenue and a fun way to promote their experiences.

What we did

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Bespoke font designed for Alpaca My Boots
Alpaca My Boots t-shirt design
Alpaca My Boots business card design
Screens showing Alpaca My Boots website design
Alpaca My Boots branded bottle stopper
Closeup of Alpaca My Boots embroided t-shirt showing character detail
Closeup shot of Alpaca My Boots clothing tag
Closeup photo of one of the friendly alpacas at Alpaca My Boots
Closeup showing someone taking a photo of a young child with an alpaca