Llanfaes Dairy

Awesome ice cream, chilled in Brecon


Llanfaes Dairy - Awesome ice cream, chilled in Brecon

Built on tradition but bursting with innovative ideas for the future, Brecon-based ice cream parlour Llanfaes Dairy needed a bold new brand to help its flavour-packed products stand out from the herd.

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Newly appointed director Dean was ready to shake things up, maintaining the local values of his family’s homegrown business while sprinkling new life into the company through a vibrant and Insta-worthy online image. With a lifelong love of tasty Welsh food, we were only too happy to help make Dean’s vision a reality.

The vision

Llanfaes Dairy needed to appeal to its expanding clientele of social media-savvy ice cream obsessives with a more vibrant, youthful brand.

Maintaining the artisanal feel of a great local ice cream parlour while building visual flavour would be key to this project’s success. We’d establish a fresh and original brand toolkit for Llanfaes Dairy, designing scroll-stopping visuals to convince social media users that this local ice cream parlour was worth travelling for.

The outcome

The newly rebranded Llanfaes Dairy represents everything that’s awesome about locally made ice cream. Hand drawn patterns, dynamic typography and oh-so-tempting food photography combine to create an authentic online image that’s impossible to ignore. Since rebranding, the business has amassed an Instagram following of over 10k, winning the support of foodie influencers and attracting a new generation of ice cream lovers to Brecon.

What we did

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Llanfaes Dairy logo
Llanfaes Dairy van
Llanfaes Dairy packaging
King of the Cone
Llanfaes Dairy packaging
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Llanfaes Dairy packaging
Llanfaes Dairy packaging