Seriously Tasty

Proper pub grub in your lunchbox


Seriously Tasty - Proper pub grub in your lunchbox

Having worked with many of the UK’s leading food brands and supermarkets to create bestselling baked goods, Peters wanted to launch its own line of savoury snacks.

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Tidy Studio teamed up with the bakery to create an appealingly British brand for its new range of on-the-go bakes, Seriously Tasty.

The vision

The growing zeitgeist in gastropub cuisine was a perfect opportunity to create a brand capturing the traditional flavours of British bar food in a portable product.

Drawing inspiration from the characterful blackboard menus found in pubs around the country, our team crafted a reassuringly rustic identity for Seriously Tasty.

The outcome

Since launching in 2014, Seriously Tasty has accomplished a retail sales value of £5m, winning the hearts and wallets of customers around the country with its faithful recreations of classic British pub food.

What we did

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Photo showing lineup of Seriously Tasty Slices
Seriously Tasty logo on chalkboard background
Seriously Tasty multipack packing design
Seriously Tasty pie and chips
Seriously Tasty logo sketching with pencil
Since launch in 2014 Seriously Tasty is now worth £5m at retail sales value
Seriously Tasty pie boxes