Gorgeously packaged gluten-free food


Lovemore - Gorgeously packaged gluten-free food

Lovemore are pioneers of the free-from food sector, producing tasty gluten-free goodies that allow allergy-affected and diet-conscious consumers to enjoy the same delicious snacks as everyone else.

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The company wanted to transform its old brand, moving away from the clinical images sometimes associated with free-from food and embracing a more wholesome, handmade feel for its products. Tidy Studio partnered with Cardiff-based agency Marketing Clarity to deliver a brand that would help to redefine the gluten-free food industry.

The vision

Rather than asking consumers to compromise the foods they love for the sake of dietary requirement, Lovemore’s new brand would need to convey the delicious, high-end quality that well-made gluten-free food can provide.

Recycled card packaging featuring organic pops of colour would help to transition the brand image into a more luxurious, artisanal offering, assisted by relatable photographs featuring Lovemore products in an everyday context.

The outcome

By reshaping its brand image, Lovemore was able to evolve from a humble family bakery into a market-leading manufacturer, growing beyond the UK market and embracing opportunities for global expansion.

What we did

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Lovemore product lineup
Lovemore magazine advert
Closeup of Lovemore branding on canvas shopping bag
Single shot of Lovemore digestive biscuit packaging
Shot of front-faces of Lovemore packaging
Single shot of Lovemore chocolate brownies packaging
Lovemore press advert with fields and brand elements