Pink ’n’ Whites

New look, same great taste


Pink ’n’ Whites - New look, same great taste

Having been around since the 1960s, Pink ’n’ Whites already had a distinctive and recognisable look for its product.

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What these distinctive snacks needed was a fun and modern refresh, playing on the nostalgia of the product while emphasising its appeal as a tasty low calorie treat.

The vision

To maximise the attraction of the product for modern audiences, we elevated the Pink ’n’ White’s branding across multiple touchpoints, with deliverables including a new logo, packaging, website and social media image library.

Fresh and fun product photography helped show off the funky aesthetic of this retro snack, dynamically shot to showcase its unmistakeable combo of crunchy biscuit and soft mallow filling.

The outcome

By increasing the prominence of its key ’50 calories per wafer’ messaging on its packaging, website and other assets, Pink ’n’ Whites new brand has instant appeal for its audience of health-conscious snackers.

The original brand’s nostalgic charm is still front and centre, teaming up its well-known aesthetic with sleek modern typography and graphics to attract a new customer base of social media natives.

What we did

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An image of a hand holding a pack of Pink & Whites
An image of a magazine advert for Pink & Whites
An image of the a woman holding a mug of tea with the new Pink & Whites logo printed on the mug
Enjoy a little of what you fancy
A hand holding a wafer with chocolate running down the side
Pink & Whites packaging