Mom’s Hot Dogs

Uncompromising quality, unforgettable taste


Mom’s Hot Dogs - Uncompromising quality, unforgettable taste

As a leading hot dog supplier for public attractions including Wembley and Drayton Manor Resort, Mom’s was ready to update its brand and take its business even further.

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The company needed an everyman brand with broad customer appeal, showcasing its high quality, flavoursome hot dogs to capture the eyes (and tastebuds) of the nation.

The vision

Although Mom’s had already built a brand based on a recognisable mascot, its imagery was beginning to feel dated, and failed to convey the high quality products the business prides itself on. This rebrand would need to be handled with care: evolving the visual identity without losing the heritage of the company.

We conceptualised a brand where tasty hot dogs are the stars of the show, art directing a series of appetising product photos that draw full attention to the mouthwatering flavours Mom’s is known for. Teamed with a ketchup-and-mustard colour palette, vintage diner-inspired typography and retro stamp icons that pay homage to the company’s past, the new Mom’s brand would stand out to customers for all the right reasons.

The outcome

With a new brand that’s all about sharing timeless, tasty food while making memories with friends and family, Mom’s are well-placed to reach even more customers, securing partnerships with the biggest and best-known attractions in the UK.

 It was vital for the Mom’s brand to appeal to both its business partners and hot dog buyers, and for it to look great across every touchpoint. From smartly branded catering equipment like hot dog carts, quick serve warmers and topping stations to signature sauces, trays and napkins, we’ve ensured that Mom’s products look delicious from every angle.

What we did

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Image of woman holding hot dog
Social media content for brand
Hand holding hot dog with graphic background
Series of graphic brand stamps
Social media slides for the brand marketing
Series of brand posters